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Since 2014, Controlled Climates has been providing quality water heater repair and maintenance services to residential customers in the Fresno Area. Our HVAC and plumbing specialists have the skill sets, tools and experience to take on any issue with the highest levels of professionalism. 

Emergency water heater repairs are a necessary evil in every home. Even though we dread the thought of a breakdown, when it happens, many of our past customers at Controlled Climates prefer to call us rather than an emergency line. 

Our water heater service technicians and plumbers are here to help repair or replace your defective water heater. Like most appliances, they will eventually go out, causing cold showers and extra expenses. Our technicians can provide the quick fix you need, so you do not have to suffer through any more nights without hot water. If a newer replacement model would be better suited for your home, we can help you there too. In either case, our professional staff will ensure you get swift resolution at a great price.

Our Fresno area customers agree that emergency calls for water heater repair services should not be taken lightly. People in Fresno, CA trust Controlled Climates and call us first when they need the best water heater repairs in Fresno!

Top Questions About Water Heater Repair Fresno Residents Ask Us

While talking with customers, we’ve noticed a lot of repeated questions about air conditioning systems and our air conditioning installation services. At Controlled Climates, we’re happy to answer customer questions! We’re dedicated to making sure our customers make the best choice for their new air conditioning system. If you have a question, contact us by phone call or through our website contact form!

If you are planning to repair your water heater, then we are here to help. We take pride in our top rated services that can solve most problems. Contact us today and find a solution that fits your needs. We provide sound advice, whether you need water heater repair or a replacement.

We have the knowledge and experience it takes to provide customers with a lifetime of outstanding service. We devote ourselves to understanding your needs and providing you with top quality products and workmanship. Whether your problem is urgent or not, we pledge to treat you fairly, honestly & fairly and resolve your problem as fast as possible. Our customers count on us every day to solve their Fresno water heater problems

A leaky water heater is one of the most common reasons for a hot water leak. Water heaters do wear out over time and can cost you a good chunk of money in wasted water, but that’s not all. Older systems guzzle more energy, emit more greenhouse gasses, and can be more health-hazardous than newer models. 

Most cities have ordinances governing how old a water heater can be before it needs to be replaced. When the time comes to update or install your new water heater, give our experts a call today!

Controlled Climates provides total home comfort with professional HVAC services. Our technicians are experts at installation, repairs, and routine maintenance of furnaces, condensing units and heat pumps. We offer 24/7 emergency furnace repairs and AC repairs, ductless air conditioning systems, water heater repair and evaporation coils for high efficiency systems in Fresno County. If you’re having trouble with your heating or cooling system, we’re here to help you find the solution

As your local HVAC company, we also provide fast service and repairs for heating and cooling equipment, including furnaces, air conditioners, variable refrigerant flow systems, ductless air conditioning systems, evaporator coils and more. We work hard to meet your needs for air filters, commercial HVAC equipment and more. Call today!

A common air conditioner maintenance task is to clean its filters, coils, and fins. This will ensure your A/C unit operates effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting this necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in cooling performance while energy use steadily increases.

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