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Controlled Climates has been helping Fresno County businesses stay comfortable for over ten years. We’re a family owned and operated business that has served the Central Valley for two generations making us the trusted choice for air conditioner repair Fresno loves for its homes and businesses.

If your air conditioner system is having a lot of problems, you may want to consider an HVAC system upgrade. Our technicians in Fresno County can advise you on the right equipment for your space. At Controlled Climates, we want to change the way you think about HVAC contractors. When you choose us, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in the hands of HVAC experts!

Controlled Climates is the top Central Valley HVAC company. They offer a full range of air conditioning services, including repairs, for all makes and models of equipment. So you can be sure that your system will work properly from the moment it’s installed until you decide to replace it.

Top Questions About Air Conditioner Repair In Fresno, CA

While talking with customers, we’ve noticed a lot of repeated questions about air conditioning systems and our air conditioning installation services. At Controlled Climates, we’re happy to answer customer questions! We’re dedicated to making sure our customers make the best choice for their new air conditioning system. If you have a question, contact us by phone call or through our website contact form!

HVAC repair and service is our specialty. If you are dealing with any type of problem, then feel free to give us a call. The same goes if you need a new unit installed or have any other sort of inquiry.

We also perform maintenance work as needed so feel free to contact us if you have any questions. When you need the best AC repairs in Fresno, choose the air conditioner repair Fresno residents have trusted since 2014!

HVAC technician Fresno will inspect your home’s cooling and heating systems to see if they are in good working condition. 

Our air conditioning and heating expert will assess many factors that may contribute to inefficient cooling or heating in your home such as dirty ducts and coils, a poor seal, and possibly even a cracked heat exchanger. 

The second part of the diagnosis requires us to investigate the quality of the refrigerant in the system. If we find out that it will be cheaper to replace the air conditioning system instead of repairing it, we’ll provide recommendations and advice based on your home’s climate needs.

If your air conditioner needs to be repaired and you’re trying to decide between hiring a local handyman, maintenance service or an HVAC contractor, you may find that cost is the deciding factor. 

However, there are several issues that are often overlooked when comparing prices. Service types differ in how long and skillfully repairs are performed. Some companies work on commission and will perform only as many repairs as possible within a one-hour time period. This leaves no time for thorough repair procedures. 

Handling the right HVAC repair at home is quite a difficult task. All of these repairs such as air conditioner repair, furnace repair, or any other heating and AC maintenance requires expert handling, which can prove to be troublesome while trying to solve the problem at your home. 

If you’re looking for”a cool solution,” you’ve got it right here on this website where you can easily get info about any HVAC service related to repairs and maintenance. Since 2014, our team has been the air conditioner repair Fresno homeowners and business have chosen!

If you need professional HVAC services, send us a message. We offer a wide range of commercial and industrial AC installation, furnace repair, commercial refrigeration service and more in Fresno, CA. We provide the following heating services:

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