Duct Design

Expert Duct Design For Ideal HVAC System Performance

Duct Design for new builds and construction

Duct design is often overlooked by homeowners. When ductwork is not properly designed and installed, it can lead to high utility costs, inconsistent heating and cooling, and bad air quality. Just like our AC services and heating services, our goal is for you to feel comfortable within your home. That is, we want you to be comfortable without dealing with unreasonably high energy bills.

At Controlled Climates, we help you avoid leaking heated air out of faulty ducts by properly sealing and insulating your ductwork system. When your duct system is designed well, it offers more energy-efficiency while keeping each room in your home at a comfortable temperature. These benefits are why many new home construction projects and retrofits will invest in ductwork design services. A good duct system should help you keep heat and cool air inside your home. 

Our HVAC technicians offer ductwork design services to Fresno, Clovis, and other cities throughout Fresno County. We want homeowners to stay comfortable and save on energy bills. When you want to get the best performance out of your HVAC ductwork system, call the duct design experts at Controlled Climates!

Our Duct Design Ensures Top HVAC System Performance

Reduce Energy Bills

When you want to cool or heat your home, ductwork design services ensure your duct system is the right fit for your home's layout. With sound calculation and our expert knowledge, your ductwork will work well. From the material used to duct placement, we'll ensure your comfort!

Ideal HVAC System Size

To ensure your HVAC system is the right sizing for your space and layout, contact Controlled Climates! We map out the proper duct size and installation for maximum flow throughout your residential home. We also factor in other considerations to prevent loss or waste in your system.

Optimal HVAC Airflow

As part of our duct design, we work to balance pressure within your home's area. We determine the proper duct sizing and start building a model of your optimal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

Real HVAC Professionals

When you need an HVAC contractor to install, repair, or maintain your unit, call Controlled Climates! We provide heating and air conditioning services to any location within Fresno County. Our high-rated Google reviews are the result of the time and attention we place on our customer service.

We Maintain & Repair Ducts

Aside from ductwork design and ductwork installation, our HVAC team can also help you with duct repairs. When your grille, air filter, or blower motor need a professional eye and manual inspection, our HVAC team is at your service! Call us for HVAC in Fresno, Clovis, and other Fresno County cities.

Decades Of Experience

Our HVAC contractor team aims for stellar service and excellent work in all we do. When you need help with cooling, heating, or ventilation systems, our team is ready to locate the problem and give you a prompt solution! Call us today to get better airflow and max HVAC performance!

Expert Ductwork Design For The Perfect Duct System

Your comfort is our goal at Controlled Climates. In every room of your house, we want you to have the optimal flow and temperature. This will ensure your efforts at cooling and heating your home are a success. Our decades of experience in air conditioner services and other aspects of HVAC mean we’ll do a great, prompt job.

Our duct design services include planning, installing, inspecting, and maintaining the ducts and HVAC equipment in your home. In the end, we want your air conditioner or heater to provide you with the optimal air flow and perfect temperature. 

One of the reasons why customers return to our HVAC company again and again is our great service. From our beginning, we’ve prioritized service, so our customers return to us and choose us for their HVAC needs. For Fresno, Clovis, and other Fresno County cities, we want to provide stellar HVAC services for heating and cooling equipment and systems. If you want more information about our services, contact us today!

Common Questions About Our Duct Design Services

While providing our HVAC services to Fresno, Clovis, and other areas in Fresno County, California we encounter a lot of customer questions. Our goal is to ensure each customer makes the best choices for their HVAC systems. We’ve listed top questions from customers below, but if you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Believe it or not, there is an art to ensuring that the ducts in your home guide air efficiently throughout your home. Of course, this “art” is called ductwork design and based on some very foundational principles. These airflow fundamentals include the conservation of mass and conservation of energy.

The conservation of mass involves ensuring that the air inflow into your ducts equals the outflow of air from your ductwork system. The conservation of energy refers to balancing the static air pressure and the moving (kinetic) air pressure within your ducts.

Within ductwork design, there are various methods an HVAC contractor will use to size the perfect duct system within a home.

Constant Pressure Drop: This duct sizing method ensures that the pressure drop rate is the same in each duct.

Constant Velocity: This refers to a balance in air pressure so that the air velocity in each duct is equal to the others.

Static Regain: Though not commonly used, this method reduces the velocity of air as it moves from the blower fan toward the diffuser.

We provide HVAC services for air conditioners, heaters, and ductwork systems for homes and businesses. Our service areas extend throughout Fresno, Clovis, and other cities in Fresno County, California.



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