Indoor Air Quality Services So You Breathe Cleaner Air

Breathe better air with our indoor air quality services

In every job, we aim to help you “control your climate” in your home, so you live comfortably. Our indoor air quality services include indoor air testing and expert recommendations to improve the quality of the air within your home. Just like in our heating, cooling, and plumbing services, our number one goal is for you to feel comfortable within your home. Request a quote today, and we’ll ensure your air is tested right away!

If you live here in the California Central Valley, you know that dust and pollutants can come into your home very easily. Being in a valley and having no humidity means it is hard to maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ) inside our homes. At Controlled Climates, our HVAC technicians have helped hundreds with installation and maintenance of their heating, air conditioner, and ventilation equipment for years. 

When it comes to cleaning your indoor air, our HVAC company is the ideal source of expert help! Through rigorous air checks, we identify the pollutants that cause poor air quality and recommend a product or solution to clean your air.

Indoor Air Quality Services For Better Breathing & Comfort

Better Indoor Air Quality

When your indoor air is clean, breathing well isn't an issue. Instead of suffering through a breathing problem, contact us, and we'll get to work cleaning your indoor air.

Experience Good Indoor Air

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has noted that many pollutants are up to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. This is why professional indoor air quality checks are so important.

Duct Design & Cleaning

When the duct system in your home isn't designed well or dirty, your indoor air quality will be filled with contaminants. Our HVAC services include duct design and cleaning, so you breathe well.

Detect Mold & Pollutants

Pollutants like mole can cause many people to develop a respiratory condition that impacts their health and comfort. We help homeowners and business owners clean their indoor air and protect their health.

Rigorous Air Testing

Through extensive indoor air quality checks, we determine the exact condition of your air. Then, we recommend the best air purifying solution. Contact us today so we can get to work!

Indoor Air Quality Checks

We strive for excellence in every installation, maintenance job, and air quality check. We are ready to clean your air, so you can experience good, clean air quality indoors.

Experience Clean Air With Our Indoor Air Quality Service

At Controlled Climates, we aim to provide stellar IAQ service for each and every customer. Our indoor air quality services protect your health and air quality against pollutants, dust, and contaminants that build up over time. Using high-grade air testing equipment, our professionals can determine the exact level of pollutants and offer a recommended solution. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy the good, clean air you want that’s free from bacteria and harmful contaminants.

Instead of dealing with unpleasant odors and stenches, get in touch with Controlled Climates and ask about our indoor air quality services. We realize how important air quality is to your comfort level inside your home. Whether you’re concerned about mold, lead, or other environmental concerns inside your home, we can help! Our indoor air quality technician will clean your home and suggest an option to filter and purify your air.

Top Questions About Indoor Air Quality Services

While helping customers with cleaning their air inside their homes, we’ve encountered many common questions about our indoor air quality (IAQ) services. If you want to learn more about this program, feel free to reach out to us!

We proudly serve Fresno, Clovis, and other cities throughout Fresno County, California.

Nationally, most homeowners spend up to $400 on indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment. With this price tag, it’s important to get professional advice on which IAQ machine you choose for your home.

The most accurate method for testing indoor air quality is air sampling. In air sampling, samples are obtained by running air through an impactor device. Mold spores and other pollutants are collected on a length of tape with a sticky substance. 

Then, the air sample is analyzed using either viable or non-viable testing techniques. Often, the turnaround time can be up to 14 days.

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