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Commercial Air Conditioning Services To Keep Summer Sweats Away

Stay cool

Businesses located in California’s Central Valley know how important it is to control the climate of their indoor environment. Whether it’s summer or winter, those in Fresno County must constantly balance the need for heat and cool air. Our commercial air conditioning services help you stay cool during summer months. Just like our commercial heating services, our commercial AC services help you keep your staff and customers comfortable while they’re doing business with you.

For years, the experienced HVAC techs at Controlled Climates have helped many companies with their commercial air conditioner equipment and other HVAC needs. We proudly serve businesses located in Fresno, Clovis, and elsewhere in Fresno County. We help with air quality checks, duct design, furnace services and tankless water heaters, and more. In short, we are the commercial HVAC company for you! When you want to keep your building comfortable for your employees and clients, contact us!

Our commercial HVAC team is ready to help you control the cooling level in your building’s space. If you’re wanting to upgrade an outdated HVAC system, we’ll make expert recommendations and guide you toward the right choice for your building’s space. If it’s an entirely new air conditioning unit, we’ll help with AC installation and ongoing AC maintenance. Whatever your heating and cooling needs, Controlled Climates is here for your home and business.

We're Here For Your Commercial Air Conditioning Needs.

Heat Pump Installations

Like our commercial AC services, we can help with heating system installations as well. From HVAC planning, installations, repairs, or maintenance, Controlled Climates is the HVAC team for your project.

Don't Sweat It

When it's time to find the best HVAC contractor in Fresno, CA or Clovis, choose Controlled Climates. We're the local HVAC solution for local businesses and will fix your heat pump or AC unit promptly and expertly.

Upgrade Old HVAC

Trying to use an outdated HVAC system can drive up your energy bills. It will also waste your money on numerous repairs that can be avoided with an air conditioning unit upgrade. If you need help, contact us today!

Keep The Heat

In the cold winter months, our HVAC contractors help you keep your business comfortable with our commercial heating services. Along with regular maintenance, we offer energy-efficiency recommendations.

Real HVAC Professionals

Our experienced HVAC professionals are by no means new to the HVAC industry. When you need help with your heater or air conditioner, call Controlled Climates, and we'll be there!

HVAC Repairs & Maintenance

Our commercial air conditioning services help you keep the cool air blowing when the air outside is uncomfortably hot. When you need commercial HVAC service, contact Controlled Climates!

Our Commercial Heating Services Keep You Comfortable

It’s important to keep your staff and customers warm when it’s cold outside. But you don’t have to put in the labor of doing your own furnace installation or repairs because we can do it for you! For years, our local HVAC technicians have been installing and fixing plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. In every project and job, we use our training and experience to get the job done properly and within a reasonable cost. 

Whether your furnace is a well-known brand or not, we can help you get it installed. We’ve helped a number of business owners in Fresno, Clovis, and other cities in Fresno County, and we’d love to help you as well! If you haven’t found a furnace yet, we’ll guide you toward one that works for your house. If you have chosen a furnace, we’ll handle the installation process from start to finish. For superior heating services, call Controlled Climates!

Top Questions About Our Commercial Heating Services

When it comes to air conditioning and heating, business owners understand the importance of comfort for their customers and employees. While providing commercial heating services to Fresno County, we get a lot of common questions. We’ve listed top questions below, but if you have a question, reach out to us!

Controlled Climates is proud to service Fresno, Clovis, and other cities in Fresno County. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Our experienced professionals know how to replace, fix, and clean AC units, so they run at peak performance. Some common reasons why an air conditioner needs regular cleaning are:

  • The air filter can become clogged with dirt
  • Cooling coils or the air compressor can get dusty
  • Ductwork can become disconnected
  • Register dampers on vents in each room can be accidentally set to the closed position, blocking airflow

Yes, we offer air conditioning services in addition to our furnace issues. Our services cover both heating and cooling systems! This means we can install, repair, and maintain your HVAC systems, so your office or shop is comfortable. Whether you’re trying to fix an electrical line or want help with your HVAC duct system, we can help! 

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