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Better Air Conditioner Maintenance Saves You Money

Trusted AC Maintenance

Staying ahead of costly AC unit repairs means investing in proactive air conditioner maintenance by HVAC pros like Controlled Climates. In California, and especially in Fresno and Clovis, sunny skies and warm air are what we’re known for throughout the United States. An air conditioner is vital to staying cool despite living with hot temperature levels. Hundreds in Fresno and Clovis trust our air conditioner services to ensure their AC continues to keep them cool.

Whether it’s a central air system or ductless AC system, our HVAC technicians handle air conditioner maintenance for hundreds in Fresno County. With regular cleaning and AC maintenance, our technicians remove dirt and debris, so your AC continues to operate well. We clean parts like the coil, condenser, and air filter so your AC unit continues to keep your indoor area cool.

At Controlled Climates, we help you stay cool in the summer season by fixing and maintaining your AC unit. We properly clean dust and debris from the AC compressor, evaporator, air filter, and fan. This keeps your air conditioner in good condition while it’s hot outside. With proper air conditioner maintenance, you can simply adjust the thermostat and leave the repairs to us.

Prevent Costly Damage With Air Conditioner Maintenance

Regular Service Calls

Proactive AC maintenance helps you avoid the damage that accumulated dust and debris can do to your air conditioner. The HVAC professionals inspect every bend and nook of your air conditioning unit, so you're not suffering from the temperature outside. We help you stay cool inside!

Save Yourself Time

Many people try to maintain their air conditioning system on their own. However, an untrained eye can miss dirty coils and other parts of the air conditioner. Our HVAC pros help you spot issues like a refrigerant leak, change dirty cooling coils, and look for any potential AC problems.

Clear The Air

When your AC unit is broken or wearing down, you’ll start to notice it blowing warm air or no longer providing an adequate airflow. When you notice AC issues, call us, and we’ll provide AC maintenance service regularly for your ductless AC system or central air conditioning system.

Check Necessary Upgrades

Our air conditioner maintenance service includes a check whether AC units need an upgrade. We follow the manufacturer's recommended specifications and make professional recommendations. You'll be able to save money and make sure you get the best air quality in your home.

Avoid A Costly Clog & More

Proactive AC maintenance means fixing a clogged condensate drain tube or cleaning a stray pile of leaves from the inside of your AC unit. Either way, we want to ensure that your AC unit doesn't suddenly turn off or start letting hot outdoor air inside.

Reduce Energy Bills

When you care for your AC unit properly, it's able to operate with maximum efficiency. Our AC maintenance service lets you easily avoid problems that cause skyrocketing electrical bills. Whether you've got an outdoor unit or indoor system, we'll cover maintenance for you!

Our HVAC Pros Handle Air Conditioner Maintenance For You

Once you’ve got a new AC unit, regular maintenance is important to make sure it keeps you cool for years. With the help of HVAC pros like Controlled Climates, AC maintenance is easy. Contact us today and we’ll build the perfect quote for your house!

Prompt, regular AC maintenance lets our pros spot a troublesome leaf pile or old equipment (like cooling coils or blower fan). By looking for any sign of future problems, maintenance will help you save more money.

We will help you stay way ahead of many AC problems with a proactive maintenance schedule. We provide unbeatable service for Fresno, Clovis, and other cities in Fresno County, California. Whichever type of AC unit you have, when AC maintenance is needed, call us to clean and maintain your air conditioner system.

Common Questions About AC Maintenance & Services

While talking with customers, we’ve noticed a lot of repeated questions about air conditioner systems and our maintenance services. We’re more than happy to answer your questions because we help you make the best choice for your air conditioner system. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to reach out!

We’re proud to provide AC installation, AC repair, and AC maintenance services for people in Fresno, Clovis, and nearby cities. Our expert HVAC contractors can install, repair, replace, and maintain your air conditioning system for a fair cost. 

We’ve got the work experience and knowledge to get the repair job done right! Based on our years of experience, we’ll explain each step we’re taking. Request a time today and our techs will keep your airflow cool and your air conditioner unit running well!

Our service area includes Fresno, CA and surrounding cities like Clovis, CA. Our reputation for quality work means you can trust our HVAC services. Since the year we started, we’ve been proud to serve Fresno County residents with superior air conditioning and heating services. Whether you need us to install, repair, or replace your heating or cooling system, request a time today!

Trying to fix problems with your AC unit or furnace on your own can be hard. We make it easy by offering AC and furnace services. In spring and summer, you’ll keep cool with low effort on your part!

If you wake up one day and find that your AC unit isn’t keeping you cool, call us. Before you call, though, check that you’ve set the AC to your preferred temperature level. If it is, then the problem is likely something requires an experienced professional like those at Controlled Climates. 

For example, we may vacuum the cooling coils to remove dust or lightly clean your AC unit with water. This lets you cool down every room in your home once again!

If you’re noticing issues with your air conditioning system, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot it:

  • Make sure your AC unit can receive power from the electrical panel.
  • Reset your circuit break and replace your fuse, if needed.
  • Make sure the settings on your thermostat are set to “cool”, not “off” or “heat.
  • Ensure the blower door on your unit’s air handler is closed.

If you’ve tried all of these steps and are still having AC problems, call the HVAC pros at Controlled Climates.

Our experienced professionals know how to replace, fix, and clean AC units, so they run at peak performance. Some common reasons why an air conditioner needs regular cleaning are:

  • The air filter can become clogged with dirt
  • Cooling coils or the air compressor can get dusty
  • Ductwork can become disconnected
  • Register dampers on vents in each room can be accidentally set to the closed position, blocking airflow

These are just some of the reasons why regular cleaning and maintenance are important for the efficiency and good operation of your AC unit. If you want a HVAC pro to inspect your unit to check for issues, clean the condenser, or inspect the pump, call us! We’ll build a maintenance schedule that ensures you save on energy bills and avoid the heat while you’re inside your home.

Here’s a tip to keep your AC unit in good condition: clean or change your air filter every month. In addition, you can work on keeping your home cool by dusting parts of your air conditioner regularly. This includes your air condenser, air filter, ensuring that the fin isn’t bent, and other basic maintenance.

While you’re looking for a new air conditioning system, be sure to choose an AC unit with an Energy Star certification. Energy Star-certified AC units use up to 10 percent less energy than other types of air conditioners. You can also look at the Energy Efficiency Ratio measurement (EER) to see how many BTUs are used per watt. The higher the EER rating, the better and more energy-efficient the AC unit will be in your home.



An overlooked aspect of new air conditioning systems for many is the electrical requirements of the new system. Check the electrical requirements listed in the AC unit’s technical specifications. As you’d expect, more powerful AC systems will have higher electrical requirements.



As you assess the cost for your new AC unit, be sure to calculate the cost of AC maintenance down the road. Without proper maintenance, air conditioners will accumulate dust and slowly wear down. This is why we offer regular AC maintenance services or “checkups” to clean blades, cooling coils, and other parts in your AC system. This increases the lifespan of your AC unit and improves its efficiency overall.

One of the most important things to check on AC units is the EER and SEER ratings. The EER rating stands for the energy efficiency rating and the SEER refers to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. A higher number in each rating means a more energy-efficient air conditioning system.

The next thing to look for are programmable temperature settings. Using this feature, which lets you set a precise temperature and schedule the times when your AC runs. This way, you’re not running your AC during times when you’re not home.

Air conditioners give you cold air by removing the heat and humidity from inside your home and returning cooled air into your home.

Here’s a more detailed look at the components within an air conditioning system:

  • Evaporator: Cooling coils remove warm air and humidity from inside your home using refrigerant.
  • Blower: A fan moves air over the evaporator and disperses the cooled air.
  • Condenser: Heating coils (condenser) move the collected warm air to the outside of your home.
  • Compressor: A compressor moves the refrigerant from the evaporator to the condenser to chill the trapped air.
  • Fan: This blows air over the condenser to pass heat through the outside.
  • Filter: This filter removes particles from the air.
  • Thermostat: This is the control system that you use to control the amount of cooled air that’s distributed.

Controlled Climates offers AC installation, repair, and maintenance services to people in Fresno, Clovis, and nearby cities. Our technicians can install, repair, replace, and maintain your air conditioning system for a fair cost.

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