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That long awaited moment when you find the perfect air conditioning system gives you a great feeling. Whether you want to beat the heat or save on energy costs, modern air conditioning systems are tremendously helpful here in always-sunny California.

This is why many people in California install central air conditioning systems or another type of air conditioning system in their building. More cool air means more comfort during hot summer months.

When it’s time to get a new air conditioning system, call Controlled Climates! Our HVAC technicians can handle installations for any type of AC unit, including window auto conditioners and a central air conditioner. With hundreds of great Google reviews, Controlled Climates is the best choice for getting professional air conditioner installers that are local and trustworthy!

Air Conditioning Installation Services By HVAC Professionals

Lower Energy Costs

Purchasing a new AC unit or upgrading an old AC system will help you cut down on energy costs while keeping your home cool and comfortable. If you need help with AC installation services, call Controlled Climates!

All Types Of AC Units

Our HVAC unit technicians can install, repair, and maintain most systems by top brand manufacturers. Replacing an old system with a wonder air conditioning system ensures you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

More Cool Air

Replacing an old system ensures you get the best performance and maximum cooling for your home. Our heating and air conditioning system installation services let us install your new air conditioner for you!

Real HVAC Professionals

Our HVAC professionals are knowledgeable and trained to install and repair all aspects of an HVAC system, and understand the issues that can affect performance and efficiency in your new air conditioner. Book a time here.

AC Repairs & Maintenance

Our technicians are able to help you with future service needs for your air conditioner, as well as the air conditioning installation. Once we're done with your AC installation, we'll be here to help with maintenance and repairs too!

Upgrade An Old System

Replacing an old system can improve your home efficiency on energy costs and ensure your new air conditioner meets the minimum SEER rating for your home's square footage and complements your home's HVAC system.

Our HVAC Pros Handle Your Air Conditioner Installation

One of the best ways to beat the heat in California’s summer months is with a new air conditioning system installation or replacement. Having an outdated AC unit can drive up your energy costs and make cooling your home difficult.

However, the installation of a new AC unit can help your home become energy-efficient and make it easier to enjoy color air indoors during the infamous summer months here in California.

At Controlled Climates, we want you to feel in control and comfortable within your home at all times. Our technicians are skilled with installing all types of air conditioners so you can enjoy your brand new system without having to install it yourself.

Common Questions About AC Installations & Services

While talking with customers, we’ve noticed a lot of repeated questions about air conditioning systems and our air conditioning installation services. At Controlled Climates, we’re happy to answer customer questions! We’re dedicated to making sure our customers make the best choice for their new air conditioning system. If you have a question, contact us by phone call or through our website contact form!

Choosing and installing the right air conditioning system in your home can make all the difference in how easy it is to escape the warm air outside and enjoy cool air inside all throughout summer. At Controlled Climates, our technicians have the skill and experience to install any air conditioning system you buy, and we’ll make sure it works perfectly before we leave your home.

If you’ve been shopping for a new air conditioning system, you’ve likely realized that there are tons of options for air conditioner systems, from the standard central AC to the affordable windows AC unit. Although there are many types of air conditioner systems to consider for your home, not all of them will be a great choice for your home or geographic location.

If you’re still researching the different types of air conditioners for your home, here you go:

Central Air Conditioner Systems

Central air conditioners, also known as a central air system, combine the evaporator, condenser, and compressor into a single AC unit that’s usually installed on your roof or on a slab of concrete near your home’s foundation. The ducts for a central air system run through your home’s exterior wall, draw air from inside your home, and return your cooled air indoors. If you need help with a central air installation, call the trusted HVAC pros at Controlled Climates!

Ductless (Mini-Split) Air Conditioners

This type of AC unit is ideal for homes without existing ducts. These are similar to window air conditioners because each unit only cools a particular room or area of your home. This type of AC installation is ideal for being energy-efficient, but can be more expensive if you’re trying to push cool air throughout a large home.

Window Air Conditioners

This type of air conditioner system is familiar because it’s usually mounted in an open window on apartments or multi-story homes. Window air conditioners are the most common types of AC installations because of the low AC installation costs and wide variety of options available. Good window air conditioners will also have a good energy efficiency ratio (EER), which means you get a better balance of saving on energy costs while still cooling your home.

Heat Pump (Hybrid) Air Conditioners

Typically, a new air conditioner will run on electricity, which is why you want to choose the best, energy-efficient AC unit for your home. A hybrid air conditioning system, however, will alternate between fossil fuel and electricity to help you save money and conserve energy while you’re cooling your home. 

According to, the average cost for purchasing and installing a new AC unit ranges from $5,000 and $8,000. However, there are several factors that go into determining the cost of a central air installation, such as the square footage of your home, home insulation quality, and preferred level of energy efficiency.

When you contact Controlled Climates, we’ll provide you with a free estimate on your AC installation, repair, or AC unit replacement. Often, there are many hidden costs that an untrained eye can miss. That’s why we insist on consulting with customers before we install central air systems or look at a heating system.

Part of installing your new system includes checking electrical connections, existing and new ducts, and other connections to ensure that everything is working perfectly. Ultimately, our goal at Controlled Climates is for your new AC system to keep you comfortable through the hot summer months.

In addition to our services central air conditioning systems and other AC units, we also offer heating and furnace services. Just like our AC service, our technicians will arrive at the same time we promised to you initially. Just like cooling, your heating system can make your home unbearable in the winter if it’s not providing enough heat.


Yes, at Controlled Climates, we offer AC repair and proactive AC maintenance for customers who want to avoid the costly fixes that come from not keeping up on maintenance. In most cases, our customers find that AC maintenance is the best decision, saving them money in the long run.

Sometimes, AC repairs are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Whether you’ve got an outdoor unit, ductless air conditioners, or an indoor system, we’ve got the experience needed to repair central air systems and other types. From replacing to AC service calls, we’re the people to call when the temperature isn’t what you want for your home.

There are numerous factors that play into choosing the right air conditioning system for your home. Here are the top factors to consider while you’re shopping air conditioning systems for your home:

Window units are great for cooling down a few rooms while a central air conditioning system is best for cooling down a large home.

If the cooling capacity (measured in British Thermal Units  or BTUs) for your air conditioner system is less than what your home needs, your AC unit will be running constantly and your energy bills will skyrocket. For example, one ton equals 12,000 BTUs per hour.

On the other hand, choosing an air conditioning system with more BTUs than you need will result in your AC turning off before your home is fully cooled, causing your rooms with inconsistent temperature levels.

While you’re looking for a new air conditioning system, be sure to choose an AC unit with an Energy Star certification. Energy Star-certified AC units use up to 10 percent less energy than other types of air conditioners. You can also look at the Energy Efficiency Ratio measurement (EER) to see how many BTUs are used per watt. The higher the EER rating, the better and more energy-efficient the AC unit will be in your home.



An overlooked aspect of new air conditioning systems for many is the electrical requirements of the new system. Check the electrical requirements listed in the AC unit’s technical specifications. As you’d expect, more powerful AC systems will have higher electrical requirements.



As you assess the cost for your new AC unit, be sure to calculate the cost of AC maintenance down the road. Without proper maintenance, air conditioners will accumulate dust and slowly wear down. This is why we offer regular AC maintenance services or “checkups” to clean blades, cooling coils, and other parts in your AC system. This increases the lifespan of your AC unit and improves its efficiency overall.

One of the most important things to check on AC units is the EER and SEER ratings. The EER rating stands for the energy efficiency rating and the SEER refers to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. A higher number in each rating means a more energy-efficient air conditioning system.

The next thing to look for are programmable temperature settings. Using this feature, which lets you set a precise temperature and schedule the times when your AC runs. This way, you’re not running your AC during times when you’re not home.

Air conditioners give you cold air by removing the heat and humidity from inside your home and returning cooled air into your home.

Here’s a more detailed look at the components within an air conditioning system:

  • Evaporator: Cooling coils remove warm air and humidity from inside your home using refrigerant.
  • Blower: A fan moves air over the evaporator and disperses the cooled air.
  • Condenser: Heating coils (condenser) move the collected warm air to the outside of your home.
  • Compressor: A compressor moves the refrigerant from the evaporator to the condenser to chill the trapped air.
  • Fan: This blows air over the condenser to pass heat through the outside.
  • Filter: This filter removes particles from the air.
  • Thermostat: This is the control system that you use to control the amount of cooled air that’s distributed.

Controlled Climates offers AC installation, repair, and maintenance services to people in Fresno, Clovis, and nearby cities. Our technicians can install, repair, replace, and maintain your air conditioning system for a fair cost.

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