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Whether you need a central air system or ductless AC system, our HVAC technicians handle air conditioning maintenance for hundreds in Fresno County. Since 2014, Controlled Climates has been the HVAC repair Clovis has chosen to keep indoor climates comfortable. With professional installation and timely HVAC maintenance, our technicians remove dirt and debris, so your HVAC system continues to operate well. We clean parts like the coil, condenser, and air filter so your AC unit or heater continues to keep your indoor area comfortable.

If you live in Fresno, Clovis, or nearby cities, Controlled Climates experts provide regular AC and furnace maintenance services. Our technicians help your system run smoothly and efficiently with air conditioner maintenance and HVAC service from start to finish.

It can get hot in Clovis, CA, especially during the summer when temperatures can regularly top 100 degrees. If your HVAC system breaks down when you need it most, you’ll be stuck in a hot mess or freezing home while you try to get a HVAC repair Clovis technician out to your home to fix it.

Instead of taking this risk, hire trained and certified HVAC technicians at Controlled Climates—the air conditioning company Clovis residents turn to for their Clovis HVAC repair, installation and maintenance.

Top Questions About HVAC Repair Clovis Residents Ask Us

While talking with customers, we’ve noticed a lot of repeated questions about air conditioning systems and our air conditioning installation services. At Controlled Climates, we’re happy to answer customer questions! We’re dedicated to making sure our customers make the best choice for their new air conditioning system. If you have a question, contact us by phone call or through our website contact form!

When you need furnace maintenance, call us! Our technicians handle furnace repair and regular maintenance, so you keep your family warm. We’re proud to serve hundreds in Fresno, Clovis and other cities in Fresno County. These services include air conditioner repair, heating system repair, and AC installation.

AC motor replacements, furnace maintenance, gauges and sensors, leak detection, duct modification and changes, indoor air quality solutions – we can handle it all. Whether you need cooling repair or a heating system upgrade, we have the skills to get you comfortable again quickly.

We offer regular furnace maintenance at a reasonable price that is more affordable than your current HVAC parts and repair company. At Controlled Climates, we keep the costs down by not charging by the hour and using energy efficient, budget-friendly services. Our team has helped hundreds in Fresno County with AC service and furnace installation issues.

Your home or business may depend on your furnace to keep you warm, but signs of HVAC repair issues can be difficult to detect. Air ducts creaking or rattling, odors inside the home, and not enough heat in the home. Air ducts stretch throughout your home and can lead to cracks and leaks that contribute to cooler air temperatures throughout your home.

In wintertime, your furnace’s primary purpose is to keep you and your family comfortable. If your furnace is not keeping temperatures at the proper level, then it will be useless. Furnace repairs are often necessary in order to correctly repair a system that may need a tune-up or have been damaged by recent circumstances.

When it’s time for HVAC repairs, our trained technicians are ready to help. We offer a full range of AC repair and furnace service for both homes and businesses in your area.

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