A Guide to Ensuring a Smooth Air Conditioner Installation

Having an air conditioner (AC) at home can be a worthwhile investment for many homeowners. It can improve comfort and indoor air quality, especially during hot and humid weather. Modern cooling units are also more energy-efficient, which can help you reduce your energy bills. 

However, like other home devices, your cooling unit needs professional air conditioner installation to ensure your system lasts longer and offers the best cooling. 

If you want to create a more comfortable home, this article will enumerate some crucial air conditioner installation tips to remember and the worst places to install your new unit. 

1. Select the Right Unit Size for Your Space

You must select the right unit size for your space before calling a professional air conditioner installation company to set up your new cooling units. It will ensure your technicians install the AC correctly and your cooling unit provides the desired cooling. 

You should also consider the different types of ACs available, like Window AC, Split ACs, and Portable ACs, and ensure the unit’s tonnage is appropriate for your room’s size. 

2. Prevent Sunlight 

Avoid exposing the indoor unit to direct sunlight by blocking the sun’s rays. Otherwise, it will further strain the air conditioner. 

3. Keep It Away from Heat and Gas

When calling an air conditioner installation company, ensure they keep your cooling unit away from stoves, ovens, antennas, TV cables, telephone lines, electrical wires, and home security devices. You should also not place it in areas with gas leakages, sulfur, or oil mist to avoid potential damage. 

4. Have Open Spaces near the Internal Unit

You must ensure your professional air conditioner installation company leaves a 15-centimeter gap around the cooling unit when they install it indoors. This space must be clear on all sides of the system, including the top. 

5. Find a Professional Contractor

Handling the cooling unit’s components is crucial, especially with the system’s pipes and wiring. Unfortunately, a DIY job can usually result in costly mistakes. For this reason, you should enlist the help of a licensed and experienced air conditioner installation contractor. 

You must check if the technicians have at least one year of training and ensure the contractors are licensed and insured to practice in the region. Otherwise, you’re better off looking for another company to handle your needs. 

4 Worst Places to Install an Air Conditioner 

Nothing is more rewarding than entering an air-conditioned home, especially on a hot summer day. However, you must also know where not to place them because you can’t install them everywhere at home. After enlisting some crucial air conditioning installation tips, here are the four places you should never install your new cooling unit. 

1. In Hotter Parts of the House

Never place a cooling unit in the hottest parts of your house because it will strain your system and cause higher energy bills. Instead, put it in a slightly shady and closed area to cool down the house’s hotter parts. 

2. Near Fire Hazards

You must be extra careful during an air conditioner installation project. Ensure the unit isn’t covered or near anything that could start an electrical fire. That way, you can protect everyone from potential dangers. 

3. Behind Furniture or Plants 

When installing a cooling unit, never hide it behind furniture or plants because it could block ventilation and clog the coils with leaves and twigs. 

4. Near the Trash Can 

Never install air conditioners near the trash can because they can stink your home. You should also use separate circuits to power cooling units because they need much power. 

Cooling for the Long Summer Days

You wouldn’t want to smell foul odors and encounter dangerous electrical fires on a summer day. You can spare yourself from these mistakes by considering your room’s size and working with a professional air conditioner installation company. 

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