#Debunked: HVAC Myths You Should Stop Doing Now

Heating and cooling systems have been around forever. Many myths have developed about operating them and what they cost during that time. Many myths are false and can harm the furnace or air conditioner. Common myths include filters and costs of new heating and cooling systems.

Here are the most prevalent HVAC myths and the truths behind them:

MYTH #1: The Thermostat Is Always Accurate

Certain factors can cause the thermostat to be inaccurate. These include not positioning it in the right place, such as above a window or too close to it. This can cause the temperature to be five to ten degrees higher or lower than the actual temperature.

Another factor is the location of the thermostat itself. It can be inaccurate if it is located in an area often blocked by furniture or other items. For example, when the thermostat is blocked, the room temperature can be cooler than the thermostat indicates.

This inaccuracy can add up to a ten-degree difference between the temperature the thermostat indicates and the temperature in the room.

MYTH #2: All Air Filters Should Be Changed Every Month

Although it is recommended that you change your air filter every month, it is not a requirement. However, if you are in a room that is often filled with dust, pollen, pet hair, or other irritants, it is recommended that you change the air filter monthly.

Suppose you feel you don’t need to change it that often, you can change it every two months. Again, the amount of allergens in the room will determine how often you change the filter.

MYTH #3: Running Your Air Conditioner In The Winter Will Damage Your Furnace

This is a common misconception and fear. However, it is unfounded. The air conditioner does not affect the furnace and will not cause any damage to it. The only way an air conditioner will affect a furnace is if the system is defective.

If you feel the cooling system is not working correctly and you’ve already checked the filter, you can contact a professional to ensure your cooling system is operating correctly.

MYTH #4: The Bigger and the More Expensive the System, the More Effective It Is

Most homes are only using a fraction of the capacity of their heating or cooling systems. For example, most heating systems can efficiently heat an area larger than the rooms used by the homeowners.

The larger home HVAC system is more expensive to repair, and the homeowner is a warranty for the system’s life. However, these larger systems will not keep the home any more comfortable than the system that was actually needed.

MYTH #5: The System Should Be Turned Off During the Winter

Many homeowners think that turning off the system during the winter will save them money. However, this is not true. Turning off the system can actually incur a lot of additional costs. For example, turning off the system during the winter can lead to the furnace or air conditioner breaking down.

Turning off the system during the winter will also cause the system to wear out quickly. The temperatures in the house will be colder than the outside, so the system has to work harder to heat the home. When the furnace or AC system works harder, it wears out faster.


There are many myths about HVAC systems and their operation. When you know these myths, you can make informed decisions about the life of your HVAC system and its costs. However, you should always discuss these myths with an expert in your area to get the most accurate information.

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