How Often Furnace Cleaning Is Needed: The Best Tips In 2022

It was George Matthew Adams who said he wanted to make his life like a fireplace, open and full of warmth. Indeed, gathering around the fireplace has long represented togetherness and happy times. But, when your furnace isn’t working, you’ll have anything but happy memories. If you’re wondering how often furnace cleaning should be done, read on…

With regular care, your furnace will keep you warm during winter nights. That’s why it’s important to know the recommended maintenance schedule for your particular furnace. 

Signs You Need To Clean Your Furnace

Neglecting your furnace can cause all sorts of issues to arise that eventually lead to furnace repairs or entire replacements. Here are some signs that your furnace needs a good cleaning:

  • Heater turns on/off intermittently
  • Abnormally high gas bills
  • Loud noises coming from the furnace or air handler
  • There’s dust and debris on the air filters in your HVAC vents.

Why is furnace cleaning so important?

When you run your furnace, it circulates warm air throughout your home. But, without proper furnace maintenance, your HVAC system will start to turn on and off very quickly. This is why, in service visits, our HVAC technicians check the heat exchanger for cracks, rust, pitting, or metal that’s weakened from high heat. Excessive heat temperatures can be caused by dirty filters, dirty blow wheels, or when registers aren’t fully open inside your home.

Another possible consequence of neglecting your furnace maintenance is carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide leaks happen when your furnace air filter is clogged or your heat exchanger is cracked. In this scenario, carbon monoxide accumulates and eventually seeps into your indoor air. No matter the cause, carbon monoxide leaks are very serious, posing a serious health hazard and eventual death.

If you’re regularly dealing with high gas bills or are hearing loud noises from your furnace, you might have failing motor bearings, imbalanced blower wheels, plugged filters, or improper gas pressure levels.

Wondering How Often Furnace Cleaning Should Be Done?

Your furnace should be cleaned on an annual basis. It’s best to check, inspect, clean, and replace any parts before it becomes an issue. Proactive furnace care will ensure that your furnace is in good working order in the colder months.

Here’s what you should check in your annual furnace cleaning:

  • Replace dirty air filters
  • Make sure that all of your registres are open in your home
  • Clean flue pipes and ducts
  • Inspect and clean your heat exchanger
  • Ensure all safety controls work properly
  • Set or adjust natural gas pressure levels (for natural gas or propane)
  • Survey your home for carbon monoxide leaks while your system is on

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