Gordon, California, is a small town that has been the home to many people for generations. Gordon’s residents enjoy all four seasons and have an abundance of natural beauty right in their backyards. Gordon is located just east of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, and it gets its name from John Gordon, one of the first settlers who came to the area in 1852. Gordon offers its residents a slower-paced lifestyle while still close to major metropolitan areas like San Francisco. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation year-round, and there are also excellent schools nearby, so Gordon can be an ideal place to raise a family. Learn more here.

Gordon, California, is a beautiful place to live all year long. Gordon has great weather in the summer and winter months because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The average temperature for Gordon is 68 degrees Fahrenheit during June, July, August, September. Many different attractions attract people from Gordon, like shopping at various stores throughout town or even attending one of Gordon’s unique festivals. You can enjoy your time in Gordon living next door to people you know with our quiet community set up where neighbors genuinely watch out for each other here in Gordon. Learn more about San Joaquin River Estates, California: Invest in Paradise.