#Debunked: HVAC Myths You Should Stop Doing Now


Heating and cooling systems have been around forever. Many myths have developed about operating them and what they cost during that time. Many myths are false and can harm the furnace or air conditioner. Common myths include filters and costs of new heating and cooling systems. Here are the most prevalent HVAC myths and the […]

How often to clean tankless water heater systems?

A tankless water heater only heats up water when it’s needed, meaning a significant savings in energy costs. Once one is properly installed and the appropriate codes are observed, there are only a few maintenance requirements for this type of water-heating system. However, many homeowners don’t have a clear answer on how often to clean […]

Why Water Heaters Make Noise? Answers & Solutions

We rely on hot water heaters for many things, from washing white clothes to enjoying a hot shower. But, when you’re having hot water problems, you start wondering why water heater makes noise and how you can fix it. We wrote this post to help you figure out why your water heater is making those […]

How Often Furnace Cleaning Is Needed: The Best Tips In 2022

It was George Matthew Adams who said he wanted to make his life like a fireplace, open and full of warmth. Indeed, gathering around the fireplace has long represented togetherness and happy times. But, when your furnace isn’t working, you’ll have anything but happy memories. If you’re wondering how often furnace cleaning should be done, […]