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Clovis HVAC General Maintenance Service

What Does Our General Maintenance Consist of?

Studies show that most HVAC breakdowns occur as a result of improper maintenance and care. When you call Controlled Climates Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., our local, Clovis general maintenance technicians will come and administer professional care to maintain your HVAC system. Visit our Peak Performance Service Agreement page to learn more about discounts and benefits.

Thorough Testing of the Whole System

The first step our technicians will take in the general maintenance process is the testing of safety measures and system functionality. For example, they may test the airflow of the duct system. One way they administer this test is by sending pressurized air through the system. They then measure the air pressure throughout the ducts to check for reduced numbers that would indicate a leak.

Efficient Leak Maintenance

A leak in the air ducts is one of the most common issues in an HVAC system that is not operating at maximum capacity. Leaks can occur in any area of the HVAC system and can cause quite a bit of damage. Aside from making the system work harder (which makes it less energy and cost-efficient), leaks can create pressure imbalance in the system and can allow pollutants such as dirt, mold, and bacteria to filter into the ducts. Leaks are often very difficult to notice unless tested by a professional during a general maintenance service.

Once our technician detects a leak in your Clovis HVAC system, they will seal it up with either duct mastic, foil tape, or another type of sealant that they come prepared with. They will then conduct a second duct test to ensure the sealant effectively protects the air pressure in the duct.

Detailed Cleaning

A final, but vital, part of your Clovis HVAC general maintenance service is the cleaning out of dirt, mold, mildew, dust, and any other pollutants found in the filters and components of your HVAC system. This step is critical for maintaining an effective, long-lasting system and is part of the safety protocol. Your Controlled Climate maintenance technician will clean away unhealthy residue buildup, reduce the risk of fire hazards, and increase healthy airflow.

Miscellaneous Maintenance Tasks

There are many other tasks our NATE and EPA-certified Clovis HVAC technician will complete as part of your general maintenance.

Some other maintenance tasks may include:

Replacing old parts
Recommending preventative tips
Reducing noise
Fixing frayed cords
Providing tune up care to extend your system’s life
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